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We believe when people are fully aware of their purpose and potential in driving success, they are more willing to initiate positive shifts that grow performance, strengthens productivity, profits and service.


          MEET             Simon Dubreuil

 Owner Group IJ & Consultant Human Asset Management

Helping companies create dynamic results from their workforce and capital investments are at the core of what I do and how I help add value to companies across a wide board of industries in Quebec and Canada wide. Our great force of partnerships includes CREATOR, NGENIO and ESPRIT DE CORPS.

I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Dubreuil and Groupe IJ Inc. as part of our restructuring plan for the Mont Orford Ski & Golf Corporation.


The diversity of the services offered, the relevance and the effectiveness of the proposed tools were greatly useful and appreciated by the management team.


The know-how, the ability to listen, the open-mindedness demonstrated by Simon have really allowed us to set up a realistic, effective program based on our needs.


This has had a major impact on our team and our organization and allows us to evolve in an organized and efficient way.




—  Pascal Mongeau
Directeur General
Corporation Ski & Golf du Mont Orford

Business Solutions

Groupe IJ pushes the boundaries of traditional office dynamics with the use of strategic tools that are proven to increase productivity, stimulate synergy through interactive team building dynamics and allow your business to determine better key factors affecting growth.

  • Psychometric Tools

    The MPO program is based on our scientifically validated personality inventory and our unique job satisfaction survey.
    Once integrated into your organization, the MPO program allows you to optimize your acquisition, development and talent management strategy.

  • Interactive Dynamics in the Workplace

    Offering team building activities to your employees is an effective way to improve relationships between colleagues and gain leadership qualities.
    Our corporate team building activities are designed to engage your team and create a sense of community within your company.

  • Ocean Blue Strategy

    Developed by Professors Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne of INSEAD, BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY is a proven system for breaking out of competition and creating new market space. The official website for Blue Ocean Strategy is

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